Student Life – Photography

This is for a college assignment in which I show life as a student in Edinburgh college from my perspective week by week. This will be covered with photos, videos and little paragraphs about the wonders of College life. Please enjoy this random little gallery of photos taken by myself.

IMG_9060 Eye to eye

Photography is vey prominent within the college and is possibly one of the more popular courses. You get plenty of budding photographers roaming round the campus looking for the ideal photograph.


I tend to have a weird creative fascination with this hallway, mostly because it stand out from the rest of the building. I edited it after taking the photo and gave it this otherworldly vibe. This in my mind represents the college being great to use for photography, filming and everything in between.


College can be tough, so taking a healthy dose of memes can help get one through the day.


More Student Life blogs to come. Stay tuned 🙂


Personal Learner Network: A College Assignment.

Hi everyone, this is a little assignment from my college course which involves a personal learner network which incorporates social media savvy people who serve as inspiration to work in certain industries (in my case the film industry).  So here are four people who serve as both a critical and creative inspiration to me.

  1. Chris Stuckmann

Site – YouTube

I’ve been a fan of Stuckmann for quite some time and I am happy more people are taking notice of his wonderful content. Stuckmann joined the YouTube site in 2011 and was part of this unique period where youtube started getting a lot of small film reviewers on the site. Outside of Doug Walker and others associated with his channel Channel Awesome there wasn’t a lot of YouTube critics around nor had the level of success like the aforementioned Walker. But thanks to a review scathing the disastrous live action adaptation of The Last Airbender Stuckmann began to get noticed and since then he not only has became quite the success story but an accomplished author of two books and directed a yet to be released short film.  The man’s brand continues to get strong thanks to his short, simple and witty film reviews, well written analyse videos and even a series of videos talking about the best worst movies around.

2. Jack’s Movie Reviews

Site – YouTube

While not as well known as Stuckmann, the channel Jack’s Movie Reviews have been a positive stable in my weekly routine. A youtube channel mostly focusing on analysing film and the themes of said films, he has released a great number of videos considering he only joined the site in 2014 and one can only imaging the writing and editing that most go into weekly videos. I enjoy his laid back style and his insight into the films he talks about and whenever he has a new video regarding a film I love in all honestly I highly look forward to what he has to say about it.

3. James Gunn

Site – Facebook

Ever since I first saw the film Super I was blown away by how such a small independent feature with a decent cast was seen at first glance as a Kick Ass ripoff but watching it was a genuine surprise. It wasn’t exactly about a man who wanted to be a super hero, it was about a mentally and emotionally unstable man who not only wanted to be a super hero who would stop at nothing to get his drug addicted wife back. Who knew the director James Gunn would then go on to make Guardians of the Galaxy AKA the best Marvel movie by a long shot. Gunn has always been one of my favourites not only because he’s an excellent filmmaker but because he seems to also have fun making movies. When you look at his official Facebook page and see the set photos of his films you get this warm feeling that the man is just having a blast, especially now he has bigger budgets to work with and support from one of thew biggest film studios in the world. He also uses Facebook as a platform to promote smaller projects like the Belko Experiment, give his views on hot topics and show pictures of his beloved dog Von Spears.

4.  Indie Film Hustle

Site – YouTube

If you need guidance on how to break in the film industry and learn how your favourite filmmakers also made into the business? Then Indie Film Hustle is for you. Joining in mid 2015, this channel uploads regularly with all the videos in some shape or forum talking about filmmaking, the ideal equipment to use, screenwriting, acting, editing, producing, marketing and much more. One series which I personally highly recommend is the director series were well known film directors such as Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, etc and talk in detail about the selected directors careers in different career stages.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

Social Media: Pro and Cons

  1. YouTube

Ever since its inception in 2005 YouTube has continued to be one of the more popular social media sites in recent memory. Becoming a platform for all kind of content creators to share with the world and businesses showing products for marketability. Created by Chad Hurlrey, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim their original idea for YouTube was to be the video camera equivalent to the dating site hot or not. The site soon became more focused on the video sharing aspect without the dating gimmick and on the 14th of February 2005 the site was officially launched with the first ever video titled Me at the Zoo being uploaded. The video is still up and remain an important benchmark in YouTube’s history.


Now owned by Google, the site remains a popular destination for entertaining, insightful and wild videos. Since the simple sharing format the site has also became a profitable business for content creators, whom are the people that create various forms of entertainment like reviews, discussions, vlogs, short films and everything in between. Many people now have successful careers as part of the YouTube community and many more are gunning for a chance to be a part of it which is amazing and simple to achieve.


Instant, sharable content to view to your heart’s contempt.

A unique outlet for creative content made by various people with entertaining channels, talking about subjects right up your ally.

You can create and share your own content, it can be a vlog, a short film etc.


The copyright system is an easily manipulative tool that can be used by corporations, people of influence and even other content creators.

You can’t jump start a career with the site immediately. It takes years of dedication and branding to gain a job like that.

Littered with people of negative influence with content either inappropriate or designed to offend and cause controversy.


2. Facebook

Considered as one of the most popular sites in the internet’s relatively short history Facebook when it officially launched took the world by storm. A website where you can make friends, meet old friends and have your own space with a list of people. It truly has become something unique. Especially when you look at how the site started off. Created by Mark Zuckerberg along with college roommates Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, the site started out as a Harvard only site which quickly caught fire with its unique social presentation. You can share videos, photos and also spout what’s on your mind to your page to share with your friends and since if anyone on face book can be found, technically you can also share with the world. During the site’s rise to power, companies and celebrities began making pages as it helped promote products by both parties. Facebook began to be used as a corporate tool to advertise events, products, entertainment amongst others.


The site has been heavily criticized regarding internet privacy, with the simple like button being used as a tracking device to keep taps on users. The laid back nature of the site has also landed it in hot fire with notable content such as hate speech, fake news, crimes, copyright infringement and violent incidents like terrorism getting a free pass before Facebook steps in if the stuff goes viral. Even socially Facebook is seen as both a negative and a positive to people. A presentation made by a psychology professor at the California State University said that while the site has a bad effect on teenagers and young adults, with tendencies of narcissism, mania, aggressiveness and antisocial behaviour being exhibited, there were pluses to be found. Including users showing signs of “virtual empathy” towards online friends, it also has helped a great deal of introverted people learn social skills and even help keep that social life up.


You can keep up with friends, family and familiar faces whilst making new friends.

Create a page that suits you.

Connect with the wider world.


Facebook’s privacy policy which involves tracking and keeping tabs on people.

Bad effects on the mental state of teenagers and young adults, ranging from mania, narcissism and anti social behaviour.

Used to spread negative and inappropriate content such as hate speech.

3. Pinterest 

Unlike the previous websites mentioned Pinterest is somewhat of an interesting beast. A website dedicated to sharing photos and sharing them in a Facebook like community, the site categories range from fashion, recipes, quotes and health. Created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp Pinterest’s popularity was sudden, 4 months after launch it caught on and the site quickly became popular, while not to the extent of YouTube or Facebook but a nice secure spot as among the best of social media sites.

Similar to Facebook however is the way marketing is carried out with big companies using Pinterest pages to promote products, if someone like the product being advertised the company promoting said item then counts the votes to find what product is popular with that audience.


Uses votes from the denizens of the site for better product results.

A unique platform to showcase your own products and photography.

Stands out from the top sharing sites such as Twitter and YouTube.


The only con I was able to find involves anything you post on the site doesn’t belong to you, it then belongs to the site.

Hello World

Hello dear reader and welcome to my site. This site was made with the purposes of learning about social media for a college course and maybe for some personal gain. This site will showcase my work in the class, film reviews, essays, lists and poetry written by me. I want to say thank you for visiting this site and I hope this session goes well. Have a nice day.